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Hydrogen Alkaline Water Stick

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Quick Overview:

Alkaline Antioxidant Water help us rid the body of acidic wastes, provide sufficient energy, faster supplement the human body needs water three times than ordinary, nutrients easily absorbed by the body, pH balance, prevention of chronic diseases, antioxidant function, prevent adult diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, constipation, arthritis, osteoporosis and cancer.


Hydrogen Alkaline Water Stick

 Product Information:

Nowadays Alkaline Water is the best choice for people to away from disease, water is life’s most important material. Our body is composed of water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins six nutrients, of which accounted for a body of water 70% to 80%, in this sense, you can say that man is made of water. All chemical changes in the human body are carried out in aqueous media, digestion and absorption of food, nutrient delivery, blood circulation, excretion of waste, body temperature regulation, every physiological activities are inseparable from water. The body’s metabolism, the system must rely on water balance, there is no water there means no life. Water around the human cells, even if only by 2%, but it can lead to energy in the human body and thus reduced by 20%. People can survive a few weeks without food, but without water, life can only be maintained for several days.

Is alkaline water better for you than plain water?

For most people, plain water is best. Because alkaline water has a higher pH level than does plain tap water, proponents say that it can neutralize acid in your bloodstream, boost your metabolism and help your body absorb nutrients more effectively. Some even say that alkaline water can help prevent disease and slow the aging process. However, researchers haven't verified these claims. Some studies suggest that alkaline water may help slow bone loss, but further investigation is needed to determine if this influences overall bone mineral density and if the benefit is maintained over the long terms.



What is PH?

Within chemistry, pH is the measure of the acidity or basicity of any aqueous solution. Solutions that have a pH less than 7 are referred to as acidic and olutions having a pH greater than 7 are alkaline. Pure water has a pH that is close to 7.



•Increases dissolved Hydrogen level in water

•Improve Oxidation Reduction Potential

•Provides Magnesium to the body


Alkaline Ceramics

•Ensures proper drinking water pH (8-9.5)


Antibacterial ceramics

•Antibacterial properties


Maifan Stone

•Release mineral contents into water

•Activates water to decompose impurities


Dechlorine Ceramics

•Decomposes and removes chlorine from water

•Removes unpleasant odors from water


Special tourmaline ceramics

•Induces electrolysis and generates negative ions when exposed to water

•Ionizes water molecules by decreasing their size

•Increases dissolved oxygen in water



•Ionizes water molecules by decreasing their size

•Antibacterial properties


Benefit of Hydrogen Alkaline Water Stick:

•Hydrates us about six times more than ordinary water

•Counteracting free radicals

•Aids in detoxification

•Helps to alkalize the body and supports proper pH

•Helps with arthritis – decreased joint pain

•Improve immune system




Hydrogen water make us healthy life 

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