Ingredients: Grape Powder, Pomegranate Powder, Collagen Tripeptide, Extract Green Tea, Stem Cell Plants, ( Grape Stem Cell, Argan Stem Cell & Apple Stem Cell )

Why do I need it?

• Benefit of Whitening
• Benefit of Skin Enlightment
• Benefit of Reparing Genes
• Benefit of Anti Oxidation
• Benefit of Metabolic
• Remove toxins & Skin Beauty
• Anti Aging, Reduce fine wrinkles & Regeneration Cells
• Restore softness & Skin Elasticity
• Provides glow skin & Become Younger
• Skin color balance & Whitening Pigment


Longevity is connected to stem cells. Stems Cells are also called the potential to change a variety of cells in our bodies. These cells were willing to renew themselves , also maintain the potential to grow different kinds of cells.

B’Mude is formulated to use new technologies - 3 types of fruit cells and technology innovative - Collagen Tripeptide is to improve our aging cells’ skin and become Young! Apple Stem Cell obtained from Swiss apple with high quality and rich in benefits of epigenetic and effective metabolic to woke up the sleeping cells, repairing and generate new cells again, Grape Stem Cell is to reactivate and regenerate skins rejuvenation to protect and avoid damages UV to the skins, Argan Stem Cell obtained from argan trees is to preserve the skin deeply recovers firmness and decrease skin wrinkles.