Dato’ Sri Dr. Warren Eu

Founder of AKERO Brand

After graduating from the University of Malaya, Dato’ Sri Dr. Warren Eu devoted himself to the advertising industry. In 2006, Umatrin Holding Limited (UMHL) was established where he served as CEO. Today UMHL is involved in eight major industrial sectors including commercial real estate, logistics, finances, health industry, and tourism. Diversification is one of the keys to a successful business model.

Akero is one of the most successful brands among others under the management of UMHL. The company has a wide range of products that has more than 50 items including personal care products, health and bodybuilding products, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and conditioning the body's internal organs.

Its commercial real estate companies have multiple high-end apartments in China, Southeast Asia, and Melbourne, Australia. Companies involved in the tourism industry provide customers with excellent services such as private jet rentals and luxury yacht parties.

In 2017, Forbes Magazine published an interview article about Dato’ Sri Dr. Warren Eu, Malaysian TV station forecasted the video interview with the founder of Akero as well. In 2014 Dr. Warren Eu was awarded with the lifetime honorary title of Dato’ Sri by the Malaysia Heads of State.

Over the past eight years, he directed nearly 30 companies to research the market and was invited to attend lectures.

The Warren World Care Foundation was established for the first time when his career had achieved certain achievements. It implemented the purpose of using society for society, and was committed to obtaining medical and educational opportunities for orphans, poor children, and disabled children.

Dr. Kingston

Global Marketing Officer

Dr. Kingston’s background in computer science is the most valuable asset of the company needed in the twenty-first century. The Master’s Degree in IT gained at Universiti Putra Malaysia and PhD in Computer Science from Inter American University were crucial factors in his appointment as the Global Marketing Officer. Dr. Kingston is the executive handling the company's interests overseas, he’s exploring new markets and determines which of them can provide more potential to the company. Consequently, his attentiveness to details as an IT specialist and analytical skills will help the company to increase the footprint worldwide and reach new heights.

Muhamad Suhaimi Bin Talib


Muhamad Suhaimi Bin Talib joined in 2018, where he served in a number of senior management positions. Starting from 2014 Mohd Suhaimi was a public relationship partner in the Malaysian office.

Debby Gommeren

International PR DIRECTOR

Debby Gommeren is an actress, Singer, International SuperModel. She was awarded with titles of Miss Fashion World (2018) and Miss Earth Belgium (2008).

After the promotion of Debby, she will lead an experienced public relations team to complete various types of public relations activities in Asia. Furthermore, she is responsible for coordination and company’s joint ventures in Southeast Asia on public relations issues.

Debby's not only has a wealth of media experience but also is familiar with brand marketing. She has worked in the UK, her experience is a great asset of the Akero. These broad and deep backgrounds will help us to communicate with the world's largest market in China, and to further maintain the media and consumers in business, brand and product.

The new public relations director will further enhance based on the spirit of enterprise, customer intimacy, innovation and other aspects of public relations and branding ability.

Marcus Haw

IT Director, Founder of YAYA

Marcus Haw is IT Director of Akero. Marcus is responsible for handling marketing campaigns, promotion planning social media and networking management (Facebook & Instagram).

Marcus also gave briefing to the merchants about the knowledge of e-commerce, Involved in planning the promotions with associations and merchants, and conducted corporate presentations.