Dato’ Sri Dr. Warren Eu

Founder of UMHL Group

The giant who founded the UMHL has a unique vision in many companies.

After graduating from the top university in Malaysia "University of Malaya" and awarded a double doctorate degree in economics and financial management in the United States, Dato' Sri Dr. Warren Eu turned to the advertising industry and devoted himself to creating brand creativity and innovation. Nevertheless, Dato' Sri Dr. Warren Eu still has many follow-up concerns about the health industry.

In 2010, the best-selling book Angel Investment Bible describes the theory and practice of angel investment and has sold more than 500,000 copies so far. For many years, he has guided more than 30 corporate projects to research the market, and successfully listed UMHL on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in 2014.

In 2014, he was awarded the lifetime honorary title of Dato' Sri by the head of state of Malaysia. In 2017, he was invited by Forbes Magazine to be interviewed by celebrities.

Dato' Sri Dr. Warren Eu loves to see problems as challenges as well as opportunities and utilizes the time to resolve problems instead of complaining. He thinks that it is one’s own inability if one feels stress when encountering problems. So, one has to enhance his or her ability as he always believes that the ability of one to resolve problems is inseparable with the ability of one to earn profits. The rich persons resolve problems however the poors will be defeated by them. Besides, to Dato' Sri Dr. Warren Eu, the worst is when mostly people will only complain and push responsibilities when they are facing problems. However, Dato' Sri Dr. Warren Eu will not complain and he will evaluate the risks, fight against them and find the solutions as soon as possible instead. So, these are how he succeed.

Dr. Sivah

UMHL Health Advisor

Uphold high-quality and professional family doctors/general practitioners-good at handling emergency medical operations, with more than 12 years of valuable medical experience. He is a family doctor/general specialist of Zoll Medical, and he has obtained the Diploma of Surgery (MBBS) and the British Masters Diploma (MSC). Possess professional training and nursing knowledge and a deep understanding of the ingredients, side effects, and drug reactions of medical drugs.

At present, he is mainly involved in the research and development of Akero series products, providing nutrition research and professional knowledge of health products. In addition, the selection of raw materials and the refining process of the product must pass the strict procedures of doctors before it can be launched on the market.


UMHL Pharmacist

Professional and experienced certified pharmacist, graduated from Malaysia's top Management and Science University (MSU) and won a number of academic awards. She has effectively performed all pharmacist duties in a 24-hour hospital and has been recognized by the International Drug Administration. She was in Malaysia for the previous 3 years The Sarawak Government Hospital prescribes an average of 500 medical prescriptions per day.

Experience related skills and experience in professional handling of various patient diseases. A well-trained and respected professional pharmacist maintains flexible time management and adapts to unique business and patient needs during his service.

Familiar with providing patients with detailed analysis functions of various drugs, potential side effects and drug recommendations for the best ration. The Acro Drug Bureau provides consultations on drugs and health products according to customers.

Emilly Khor

UMHL Business Development Director

She has more than 10 years of business sales experience. Since 2012, a number of celebrity speech projects have been jointly organized, leading the team to challenge multiple industry limits, constantly breaking through and creating new skills.

Won the honor of the Supreme Lady of Asia in 2017. In 2018, She obtained the Government Diploma in SKM Marketing from the Human Resources Department of the JPK Government of Malaysia. The ability to lead a team in business sets a different benchmark in the industry.

At present, the main business is to help the group expand its business to more countries and set up systematic training to consolidate the sales team. Participate in the research and planning of the group's marketing model and expansion of market demand. In-depth understanding of the culture and supply needs of various countries, and expand the potential market of UMHL products.