Gold is proven to strengthen the immune system, provide healthy glowing skin, silky and smooth hair and fight against aging. Golden series skin care set is safe and effective to be used regardless of by spraying or applying it evenly. In addition to that, gold can detoxify, calm, cleanse, eliminate wrinkles, reorganize cytokine in skin, facilitate physiological function and metabolism, balance sebum production, keep skin hydrated and moisturized naturally as well as against outdoor pollution skin allergy.

The gold series includes four skincare products: Gold cleanser, Gold toner, Gold moisturizer, and Gold cream.

Gold Cleanser

The gold cleanser consists of Enzymes. Enzymes dissolve the bonds between dead surface skin cells, allowing the outermost layer to slough away and activating the dermis to create new skin cells. Enzymes are the most gentle and noninvasive exfoliating method, as they react with and digest only the dead proteins on the skin’s surface. Compared to scrubbing, they don’t micro-scratch the skin, or cause scar tissue formation or thickening of the epidermis; compared to chemical peels, they’re considered to be safer because they don’t react with the tissue or cause inflammation. PH balanced Akero cleanser for the effective removal of makeup, dirt, debris and grime. It gives the skin freshness, suppleness and smoothness.

Gold Toner

This Gold Toner is formulated with gold, aloe vera, bearberry, bisabolol and natural nourishing ingredients to give comfortable moisture binding and film forming properties. The Gold Toner is non-irritating, and is very soothing to the skin. Aloe Vera, the modest houseplant is a ‘miracle,’ wonder plant, often hiding in plain sight. Aloe Vera gel has cooling properties and is anti-inflammatory. Aloe vera boosts healing of wounds, fights skin-aging, reduces infection and acne. In skin care, bearberry is renowned for its natural skin-brightening effect. Current staples of skin-brightening include hydroquinone and corticosteroids, which can cause discomfort or prove to be ineffective, respectively. By infusing bearberry into cosmetic formulations, skin-brightening products can achieve desirable results with less risk of adverse side effects. Studies show bearberry’s skin-brightening effect is due to its high concentration of arbutin. Arbutin (C12H16O7), is a naturally occurring glucopyranoside, consisting of a hydroquinone molecule bound to glucose. It works to reversibly inhibit melanosomal tyrosinase activity, which has a hindering effect on skin pigmentation by diminishing melanin content in melanocytes. Bisabolol, also known as levomenol, is a thick oily liquid, which is the main component of chamomile essential oil. Having proven anti-inflammatory properties, bisabolol declares war on acne, rashes, rosacea, psoriasis, and similar conditions associated with frequent skin irritations. Chamomile is a well-known skin healer. Bisabolol, as its more concentrated counterpart, can speed up the healing process even more, which makes it great for use if you have to deal with minor scars, spots from already healed blemishes, etc.

Gold Moisturizer

An easily absorbed daily moisturizer that has the lightness of a lotion with the moisturising benefits of a cream. It helps protect the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and healthy-looking. Anti-wrinkle properties - due to its capacity to retain large amounts of water, skin stays moisturised and helps to prevent the development of wrinkles, and fills in already present wrinkles to reduce their appearance. Moisturizing everyday can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are harmful for skin and cause common skin conditions like acne.

Gold Magical Cream

This Gold Magical Cream is specially formulated with gold, Aloe vera, Bearberry, hyaluronic acid and natural hydrating ingredients to give comfortable moisture binding and film forming properties. Skin hydration - keeps your skin moisturised and radiant. The uniqueness of the cream is the formula that includes hyaluronic acid and plant derived ingredients. Healing properties - applying Hyaluronic Acid to wounds has been shown to help with reducing the size of surface wounds on the skin, and aid with pain relief of these areas. Hyaluronic acid helps wounds heal faster by regulating inflammation levels and signaling the body to build more blood vessels in the damaged area. Hyaluronic Acid is NOT going to replace your elastin but, it can help with the appearance of tightness in the skin. As it fills the skin with moisture, hyaluronic acid tightens the overall complexion. It helps firm facial contours for a more youthful appearance. In addition to that, Hyaluronic Acid in an antioxidant that helps to keep skin looking healthy.