Ingredients: Cranberry Extract, Goji Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Mangosteen, Kacip Fatimah, Seaweed Calcium (Aquamin), Resveratrol, ZeaONE Zeaxanthin, CoQ10, BetaVia Pure, EstroG-100

Why do I need it?

• Prevents urinary tract infections
• Stretch the Vaginal muscles
• Has Anti-aging, Anti-tumor and Anti-cancer effects
• Sets Menstrual Cycle
• Aids in balancing hormones
• Reduction Parathyroid hormone in the body
• Protects Cardiovascular health
• Prevents dementia in Alzheimer's disease
• Improve vision performance and helps in skin health
• As a protective Antioxidant


Intima is formulated by using special ingredients to extract from plant starch with special techniques extraction to elaborate melanin and yellow pigment on the skin with fast to lighten up and renew cell skins by comprehensive. It supports metabolism cells from inside to outside so that the body becomes more healthy and the skins become more beauty. It also frees active enzymes cells, effective to stop producing activities and increase the energy of cells so that every part of the bodies skin tissue performs normally. It helps relieve menopause symptoms such as, lightning bolt, sweating at night, insomnia anxiety, vagina dryness, exhaustion and depression.