The high-quality product [AKERO SECRET] have laid the foundation for UMHL Holding Group to become a leader in the industry in the big health industry chain. We develop our own herbal research and development biotechnology park, and research and develop herbal medicines, manufacture finished products, product packaging, and printing technology under the UMHL Holdings Group. We have built more than 100 ares of herbal R&D biotechnology park in Malaysia, and developed planting industry and eco-tourism area. Based on the principle of coordinating the harmonious development of human and nature, we are committed to the research and development of medicinal herbs, and spare no effort to contribute to the ecological environment. Then founded the [Biotechnology] nutritional food brand [AKERO SECRET] with a market value of more than 2 billion US dollars. There are more than 50 high-quality series products under the trademark of "AKERO SECRET“, which are distributed in more than 20 countries. These include personal organic skin care products, health food and medical beauty products. 【Biotechnology】refers to the use of living organisms (including animal, plant and microbial cells) to produce useful substances or improve processes, improve the characteristics of organisms, reduce costs and innovate species of science and technology. It tends to overlap with bio-engineering and bio-medical engineering fields, depending on the tools and applications. The development of biotechnology is the epitome of the development of human civilization. The interaction between the shaping of a community with a shared future for mankind and the development of biotechnology is the natural logic of the practical logic of social development, the inevitability of the theoretical logic of the development of biotechnology, and the future logic of mankind moving towards a common destiny.

In the future, UMHL Holding Group with the revolutionary breakthrough of biotechnology, the natural science attributes, engineering discipline attributes and social attributes will become more and more prominent and intertwined, which may profoundly change or affect the human society's relationship to nature, human activities, and human activities. Various concepts and practices of Earth civilization. In the next 15-30 years, a new round of biotechnology with the themes of creation, regeneration, bionics, symbiosis, biogenesis, and regeneration is expected to be systematically developed, which is expected to profoundly change human society's perception of nature and its own biological attributes. Cognitive concepts, the ability of human beings to understand organisms and transform and utilize nature may be raised to new heights and new dimensions. This will be "changing biological species and living styles", and people and creatures will coexist in harmony.