Social Responsibility

On 17 Sep 2021,AKERO donated 30 Lenovo tablets to Chinese primary schools in Klang Valley, Malaysia

The outbreak is relentless, there is love in the world, AKERO with the front police hero to fight the epidemic

As of May 16, UMHL demonstrated the confidence of the people in fighting the epidemic with practical actions. After five consecutive donations, the company not only let the outside world see the group's capabilities and responsibilities, but also exemplified the determination of all industry personnel to ride out the difficulties with everyone.

Give police officers double confidence

From the beginning of the outbreak, AKERO showed confidence in defeating the outbreak and transformed it into action.

Under the leadership of Dato’ Sri Dr. Warren Eu, Chairman of the Group, on April 6, AKERO donated 1000 bottles of HAND SANITIZER 50ML to the Malaysian National Police Headquarters (PDRM BUKIT AMAN). HAND SANITIZER 500ML (GEL) 500 bottles, FACE MASK 160 boxes. It is the first enterprise in the industry to make a donation.

On April 14, AKERO donated 100 bottles of HAND SANITIZER 500ML (GEL), 100 bottles of HAND SANITIZER 300ML (GEL), and 120 boxes of FACE MASK to PDRM BRICKFIELD.

On April 15, AKERO donated 100 bottles of HAND SANITIZER 500ML (GEL), 100 bottles of HAND SANITIZER 300ML (GEL) and 100 boxes of FACE MASK to PDRM DAERAH SERDANG.

On April 20, AKERO donated 100 bottles of HAND SANITIZER 500ML (GEL), 100 boxes of AKERO FRUIT JUICE, and 100 boxes of AKERO KARELA to PDRM DAERAH SERDANG.
On April 30, AKERO donated 200 bottles of HAND SANITIZER 500ML (GEL), FACE MASK340 boxes to the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM BUKIT AMAN).

In 5 consecutive days within 24 days, the total donation amount was 2,200 bottles of hand sanitizer, 720 boxes of facemasks, 100 boxes of Akero Fruit Juice, 100 bottles of Akero Karela, and 36,000 pieces of medical mask products and 1,000 pieces of protective clothing were donated to several local hospitals. And frontline personnel fighting the epidemic. In the view of many industry insiders, on the one hand, it reflects the development of the company's comprehensive strength, on the other hand, it plays an important role in stabilizing the local enterprise market. For police officers and workers fighting the epidemic, adequate material supply and nutritional support are the key link and important guarantee for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic. UMHL can hold this threshold and be able to Give them confidence, which in turn can bring confidence to the market.

Bring confidence to all employees and industry people

While making donations, UMHL also puts the safety protection of its employees first. After the outbreak, the group chairman made careful arrangements for the prevention and control of the outbreak to protect the lives and health of employees and prevent infection and spread. The enterprise building was regularly and regularly disinfected in all aspects to maintain air quality. Ensure daily production and operation are stable and orderly. Medical masks, disinfectant alcohol, hand sanitizer, etc. were distributed to each employee. Standing enterprise products, enhanced resistance products, etc. At the same time, it was also the first local company to actively support the government's newly released new corona virus self-finance test policy to ensure the safety of every employee of the group.

Social Responsibility

Make a contribution to the society

Since UMHL established, the Group has been actively carrying out various public welfare activities, achieve the strategic principle of national public welfare by taking practical action, and undertake the social mission of "Responsibility of the national, benefits of the citizens, harmony of the human".

Public welfare activities

Subsidize Sanming City martial arts school, contribute strength for the migrant workers' children, poor child who lives in mountain area and other vulnerable groups.

Youth Activities

Set up Internet lecture hall as the form of welfare lecture, in order to popularize the basic knowledge of Internet to the public.


Take from society, give back to society

UMHL as a people-oriented group, we actively participate in public welfare undertakings, and strive to undertake corporate social responsibility, for the vulnerable people, orphans, the elderly groups to help, while adding environmental protection, disaster relief and other fields to promote social harmonious progress.