Akero Warming Lipstick contains 100% natural ingredients and does not have any sort of toxins, irritants or paraffin which may bring harm to the lips in its composition.

This lipstick has fullerene which helps to enhance the vitality and give nourishment for the lips. Moreover, it contains bitter ginseng root extract for lips protection and sodium hyaluronic acid to lock the moisture in the lips. Akero Warming Lipstick also contains Vitamin E which improves the lips texture.

The most important feature of Akero Warming Lipstick is, it is manufactured using temperature technology and lip temperature discoloration technology. This lipstick does not fade and the color will last long on the lips unlike other lipsticks. This lipstick is guaranteed that it does not leave any stain or traces.

● Magic Color Temperature Change
● Moisturizing
● Long Wearing
● Contain Vitamin E

Akero Warming Lipstick creates exclusive color which will be the secret of your confidence to show your best look always. Akero Warming Lipstick is worth trusting and using!